Cultural center in Surdulica and PA „Ringeraja“ organized an Exhibition of exhibits, handmade objects and paintings to remember the International Children's Day on November 20.


The exhibits were made in Cultural Center Surdulica in the period from 2013 to 2017. read more


The Electronic guide for parents has been created for the purpose of providing parents with information relating to development of children all in one place.


People generally expect parents to be informed and have experience relating to children development and growing up issues. read more

This project includes working on a continuous education of parents and informing them by use of peer to peer education method, where parents having already passed a certain phase in overcoming problems and obstacles educate parents who have just identified certain derogations from usual development ... read more

Electronic guide for parents

Finished projects

The project "Electronic Guide for Parents" is conducted by the association of the parents of "Ringeraja" , financed by the City of Leskovac.