Electronic guide for parents

The Electronic guide for parents has been created for the purpose of providing parents with information relating to development of children all in one place.


People generally expect parents to be informed and have experience relating to children development and growing up issues, however, in practice, we are aware that we all are parents and only sure about not being certain in parenting.


  • What should my child know at the age of 9, 16, 32 months...?
  • Why is it important to develop graphomotor skills?
  • How important is socialization?
  • What is the purpose of Inter-departmental Commission?
  • Why is it important for a child to be included in a regular educational system?
  • What are my child’s rights?
  • Other questions



The Parent Association “Ringeraja” emphasizes within the projects the existence of problems relating to a healthy growing-up of children, children who need additional support in everyday life as well as children typically developing.

After a number of workshops organized, we concluded that parents have a will to overcome obstacles their children come across during their growing-up.


This is what made us create a platform for providing information at one place so that parents can find the needed one. This electronic guide offers development maps, development roadmaps, issues in the field of defectology, psychology, logopedics.


How and were to be provided with help from an expert? We will also respond to a number of questions relating to children’s rights.






The project "Electronic Guide for Parents" is conducted by the association of the parents of "Ringeraja" , financed by the City of Leskovac.