Parents Association “Ringeraja” was established on November 14 2015. It was established by parents having gathered together for the same aim, to realize the children’s rights and improve their status in the society and community, which is possible to achieve only when united.


The Preschool Child Care Institution “Vukica Mitrovic” Leskovac had a significant role in the process of establishing the Association.


The City of Leskovac also gave support, so the first General meeting of the Association was held in the City Assembly hall.


In April 2016, Ringeraja became a signatory of the Memorandum of Inter Sector cooperation between the Health Center in Leskovac, Preschool Institution “Vukica Mitrovic” and Social Center of Leskovac. UNICEF supported the signing and realization of this Memorandum.



The Association constantly takes part in various conferences organized by imminent institutions and organizations through the country, as guests or participants.


We have realized three projects by now, and participated in some as partners on a project. We support all the organizations promoting Child’s rights for the purpose of improving the position and status of children and their parents.


We organize workshops, seminars for parents and a sports school. We have designed a Preschool Guide to parents in two languages.


Our mission is “A happy child“.


The project "Electronic Guide for Parents" is conducted by the association of the parents of "Ringeraja" , financed by the City of Leskovac.